Nonwoven for Life, Quality by BEZCİ
As a result of following technological trends, As Bezci Textile Corporation, our company produces Nonwovens in our own Nonwoven Thermobond plant. Here we aim to reach quality not only with our experiences but also by appropraiate usage of the technology.
Nonwovens have many usage areas such as;
• In production of Nonwoven Interlinings;
• Base Material for quilting in home textiles;
• In Baby wipes, Feminine Hygiene and Adult Incontingency;
• In top sheets and tablecloths;
• In medical Industry, especially used covers as bed in hospitals and/or as disposable operation dresses;
• As different kinds of filters (tea/coffee)
• In textile sector, in shoes, in bags;
• In confectionary as an interlining for jackets, belts, dresses, trousers, suits and coats.
Features of Our Nonwovens
Nonwovens are produced from Polyester and Polyester-Polyamide mixtured fibers and have the weight variety between 16 gr/m² to 80 gr/m² and width between 20 cms to 220 cms. The available colours are white and charcoal.

Our Nonwovens have the property of having the possibility to be produced at different weights. Our Nonwovens, have resistance for cross and lenghtwise direction, and have homogenous proper dispersion. There is also a production possibility for our company to produce different composition of fibers.

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