About Us

Who We Are? What We Are Doing?


Since 1958, Bezci Textile Corporation has been serving to Turkish Textile and Clothing Industry in its own premise which is established in İstanbul. The production was based on Horse-hair stiffener and Coat yarn at the very beginning. And in the meantime became one of the most successful and well known interlining producer in Turkish domestic market.
As Bezci Textile Corporation, we produce highly quality products which are also the requirements neccessary for the globalisation, at highly developed standarts, correspond to European Norms depending on our 50 years of background and experience.

As the development of industrialization was progressed in the Clothing Industry, the Horse-hair stiffener was replaced by Woven Interlinings. This, reflected to our company to adapt itself to be able to produce Woven Interlinings, therefore in 1980 the Woven Interlining facility of Bezci Textile Corporation had given a start.

And also the Polyproplene fiber facility of Bezci Textile Corporation was introduced to supply the niche occured because of the world-wide replacement of natural fibers versus Synthetic fibers.

From the today’s perspective it is seen that there are many developing Technologies to help us to live more comfortable in a daily life. One of these trends, without doubt, are the Nonwovens. Addition to Woven Interlinings and Polypropylene Fibers, we, as Bezci Textile Corporation has gained competitive advantage by producing Nonwovens in our recently equipped Nonwoven Thermobonding plant with powerful computer controlling systems by the close inspection of our Professional engineers.

The product of Nonwoven is coated by different coating systems and then converted into Nonwoven Interlinings.

In the year 2005, investment of Hot-Melt lamination plant has been realized. With this new plant, we can make all kinds of textile and film laminations. In this production step, We produce technical textiles for sportsewear, leisurewear, hygenic and automotive sectors under our new brand “BEX Techno Fabrics”. Hot-Melt lamination system is also used to produce Mattress protectors. These are used to protect bed from dust, dirt and liquids. Mattress protectors are mainly used in hospitals, hotels and houses. We produce these products under our new brand “BEX Mattress protectors”

The transition from the production of horse hair interlinings to Woven interlinings, and then the production of nonwoven and nonwoven interlinings, and lastly hot-melt lamination system are the results of being a pioneer firm in technical Textile production.

For us, quality is the major target, and concerning this, we have after sale technical assistance service to help our customers and end users about our products and their usage purposes as well as their usage areas.

By our superior service understanding and production flexibility, we also utilize different demands of our customers. Starting from the establishment of our company untill today, we loose nothing from our excitement to present high quality and high variety products to our customers.